GreenLight Women is a source of community, support and encouragement for hundreds of highly successful, diverse professional women facing the career challenges with getting older.

Our purpose is to fight ageism, promote diversity and help each other achieve our individual goals. By providing our members with access to the tools, the training and the experts in a wide range of fields, we can share our knowledge and experience with the next generation and change attitudes about aging in our industry.

GreenLight Women is a forum for advocacy, change and self-discovery, and defining the future on our terms.


The mission of GreenLight Women is to support and champion women over 40 in entertainment and media, and to advocate for a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, equitable and sustainable industry.

Kimberly Ogletree

Award Winning Producer
Founder, Karat Entertainment

Lucy Webb
Vice President

Award-winning Actress, Writer/Executive Producer

Hollace Davids

Author/Filmmaker/Marketing and Publicity Consultant Universal, Columbia Pictures alum

Gladys Stennis-Mixon

Professional Accountant with
Entertainment Industry Knowledge

Neema Barnette

Director / Writer / Producer

Michelle Dennedy

CEO, PrivacyCode, Inc.
Partner, Privatus.Online

Deirdre’ Dix Hunt

Principal & Brand Strategist
Edge of a Dream Company

Rahwa Ghebre-Ab

Chief Ethics and Legal Compliance Officer, Lionsgate

Sharlette Hambrick

EMMY Award Winning Film Producer

Betsy Pollock

Academy Award, Short Films, Two Soldiers, Former Associate Dean, Production, AFI

Marcia Ross

Emmy-nominated Documentary Producer, Disney Films, Warner Bros. TV Casting alum

Dana Sims

Agent, CAA

Barbara Weintraub

Senior Director, NYFA
Founding Director Movietime/E! TV Producer

Ivy Kagan Bierman
President Emeritus, Co-Founder

Chair, Entertainment Labor Group Loeb & Loeb

Iris Grossman
President Emeritus

Partner, Echo Lake Entertainment

Co-Founders: Ivy Kagan Bierman and
Marion Rosenberg O.B.E.

Stephanie Austin

Tessa Bell

Beth Bohn

Zane Buzby

Judy Chaikin

Hollace Davids

Kathleen Davison

Lisa Gewirtz (Honorary)

Iris Grossman

Cheryl J. Kagan


Penka Kouneva

Danica Krislovic

Kathy Fields Lander

Ghen Laraya Long

Lillah McCarthy

Deborah Miller

Evette Murphy

Nina Nisenholtz

Kimberly L. Ogletree

Judith Parker Harris

Betsy Pollock

Pat Quinn


Kim Roberts

Pamela Rodi

Carol Savoie

Nancy Schreiber

Helene Shaw

Bonnie Spence

Sabrina Stephenson

Nancy Rae Stone

Michaela von Schweinitz

Lucy Webb

Barbara Weintraub

Roslyn Wolf

GreenLight Women

c/o Echo Lake Entertainment
9696 Wilshire Blvd. 3rd floor
Beverly Hills,  CA. 90212