The Mollie Gregory International Writers’ Workshop created by Tessa Bell is an annual program  consisting of a twelve-week workshop followed by Table Reads in collaboration with Theatre West. Any GreenLight Women member may submit their work for consideration. Finished and unfinished works in any genre and media are welcome, including film scripts, theatre plays and TV shows. Applicants are also requested to include a resume of their works (published or unpublished) and a letter of intent. 

All materials are reviewed by the producer and a phone or Zoom interview is conducted to assess participants’ readiness for the rigors of the workshop and talent for the Table Reads.  

Applications are due in January and acceptances are announced in February. The 12-week workshop runs from March through May, with a weekly 2 ½ hour Zoom call, and the Table Reads of the works from August through November, every other week at Theatre West in Studio City.

Mollie Gregory (1937-2022) was a screenwriter and an author who was an advocate for women in the arts throughout her entire career. GreenLight Women is proud to acknowledge her contributions to the industry and to honor her with this program. Gregory’s documentary features include Buffalo Rider (1976), Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist (1987), Women Who Run The Show (2002) and Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story (2020). Her published books include ‘Making Films Your Business’ (1987), ‘Women Who Run The Show: How a Brilliant and Creative New Generation of Women Stormed Hollywood (2002)’ and ‘Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story’ (2015).