CHARITYBUZZ is the world’s leading impact marketplace for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive items and unmatched access. Through their premiere auction platform, they have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for a multitude of worthy causes.

GreenLight Women is a proud and active participant. With our focus on entertainment and media, bidders from around the world flock to collectors’ items and experiential opportunities donated by our members that include:

  • movie and television memorabilia
  • signed screenplays and tour books
  • signed CDs and DVDs and musical instruments
  • celebrity articles of clothing
  • TV and movie set visits
  • consultations with film and TV executives
  • career guidance, personal branding
  • marketing advice

Participating can be a win-win – sharing your skills with those in need can also lead to networking opportunities, and it brings in much-needed cash for our grants and programs.